The Better Way to safely tie train Your Horse

If you do any kind of activity with your horse, at some point you need them to stand tied. Training them to stand quietly is important to keeping both them and the people and horses around them safe.

Horses are less likely to pull back using a patience pole because they can see around it and it also gives them the opportunity to move while figuring out that standing quietly is the best option for them as well. Whether you are training a young horse, correcting a behavior like pulling back, being buddy sour, barn sour, or simply tying more quietly, the patience pole is a great way to accomplish those things. Doing so will also improve the horse's behavior under saddle.

  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Thick 3/8" steel plate
  • Zirc fittings to grease to ensure smooth operation and long life

Helpful Setup Information

Attaching the Patience Pole Swivel Top

Hardware. Good hardware and lock washers and/or nylon nuts are recommended for steel mounting; and lag bolts of sufficient length for wood mounting.

Welding. If welding, it is recommended that you be conscious of heat input and place the ground lead in a manner so the current does not flow through the ball bearings so they do not arc and ruin the smooth swivel action.

Patience Pole

Wood/Steel Pole. The Patience Pole Swivel Top can be bolted onto a steel or wood post of sufficient sturdiness based on the size of horse and depth of buriment.

Height/Depth of Pole. This will depend on the size of your horses, but as a general guide, we have medium to large horses and use a 14' pole with 5' in the ground and 9' to the base of the Patience Pole Swivel Top.

Thickness of Steel Pole. This will also depend on the size of your horses and how much abuse you want the pole to be able to take without having to redo the installation. Again, as a guide, we use 6"x6"x1/8" or better square tube. However, we sometimes use larger/thicker depending on application. (We facilitate the mounting by using a 2"x2"x1/4" riser for the last foot or less.) Customers have also successfully used oilfield pipe (2-7/8" round pipe with 1/4" wall) or greater.

Attaching Your Horse

Chain or Rope. We recommend 5/16" chain or better with a link joint at the top and a bull snap at the bottom, along with using a quality, fitting nylon strap halter. We find the action of chain lends itself to stay in front of the horse and not get wrapped due to the weight and greater rigidity than rope. Also, the annoyance of the chain hitting them and clanking against the pole act to direct the horse to find the "right answer".

Length of Chain. This will again vary with the size of horse and size of pole, but the general idea is to make it long enough to droop a bit when the horse has normal head carriage, but not so long as to allow them to put a leg through.


Patience Pole Swivel Top. Your Patience Pole Swivel Top comes pre-greased. Occasionally greasing via the zerc fitting on the base (covered with the plastic cap) is recommended for long life.

Chain/Snap. Quick links should be inspected regularly to make sure they have not unscrewed. Loctite can be used if you find they come undone frequently. Mounting them so that the cap screws down instead of up way help as well. Snaps should be inspected regularly as well.

Purchasing Parts

Patience Pole Swivel Top. The Patience Pole Swivel Top comes with everything you should need. However, if you require something extra, please let us know.

Where to Buy. Most of the ancillary parts can be sourced from your local hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Harbor Freight, or Below, we have provided a few links for convenience.

Chain. A quality 5/16" chain is sufficient for most applications.
Home Depot
Harbor Freight

Chain Quick Link. A chain quick link can be used to attach the chain to the Patience Pole Swivel Top via the D-ring shackle if the chain does not fit around the shackle.
Home Depot
Harbor Freight

Bull Snap. A bull snap is sturdier than most of the other connection methods commonly employed.

Grease. Almost any quality medium duty grease will work. As with any greasing application, it is recommended that you not switch greases after deciding on one.
Harbor Freight

Loctite. Loctite can be used to secure the chain quick link from unscrewing. In most cases, orienting the quick link correctly and tightening moderatly with a wrench is sufficient.
Harbor Freight